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Beta (1982-May 9, 2000) & Whisper's Page (1990-January 19, 2007)

Beta was the best cat you could ever know.
She even made appearances on The Joe Franklin Show and The Morning Show with Regis Philbin!
She died in my arms on May 9, 2000.
Whisper lived 7 more years than Beta and was featured on the back of my Xmas CD.
This page is designed to keep their memory alive.
I hope you enjoy it...Love, Brian

Beta's got a brand new bag

Beta loved popcorn!

What a yawn!
(photo credit: Darla Hill)

Beta could stay like this for days.

Rest in peace sweet Beta.

Whisper on the back of my Xmas album

Whisper died two weeks after this photo was taken (Xmas 2006)


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