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AMAZON review 5.0 out of 5 stars Genuine, Tender and Moving Songs, May 20, 2011
By bookwormJ

Brian Gari has an inimitable style. His singing is fantastic combined with an emotional, beautifully flowing style on the piano. The stories he tells are straight from the heart. This CD is worth getting for the song "My Father's Cat" alone. What makes a great artist and composer is when someone writes songs that we can relate to, where the composer has the depth to understand the range of human emotions and expresses them succinctly in a song. This is Brian. It's uplifting, tender and a pure joy to listen to. If you haven't the pleasure of hearing Brian, I suggest you pick up this CD!

from by Bart Greenberg

Brian Gari also offers an album devoted to the work of one composer/lyricist, in this case, himself. This charming collection is heavily influenced by the sounds of the 60s and '70s, everyone from Bob Dylan to The Beach Boys. As always with Gari's work, a large part of it appears to be autobiographical, featuring memories of childhood ("The California Dream"), past friends ("Laura's Dad") and romances, both sweet ("She Squeezes Me In") and sour ("Am I So Easy to Replace?"). On this album, there are even two songs devoted to important four footed friends (the title track and "My Father's Cat").
Gari shares vocal honors on the album with several "guests," including Elynn Diamond, Peter Anders and Don Ciccone. All offer pleasant vocal contributions in the pop style of the album. This is one of those collections that slides by easily and will bring some smiles as you relax and listen. There is also a charming photo on the cover of the star and, presumably, the feline who inspired the title song.

from John Ruggiero

It's been quite a while since Brian Gari's last CD came out &
this wonderful new album makes it worth the wait!!!
I adore this collection of some new songs as well as some older material.
"Laura's Dad" is a very moving story song performed by Elynn Diamond (Who is she? I love her voice!!!)
"Am I So Easy to Replace" is one of the catchiest songs you'll ever hear and "My Father's Cat" will break your heart.
I am so very happy to have a recording of "Letter To Norma" which I have heard only on a video. It's a brilliant song!!!
I also love the original version of "Bicycle Ride" which is truly a lost treasure.
That's only a few of the great songs in store for you on this exciting CD.
I just got the CD yesterday and have played it several times already. I can't wait for Brian Gari's next CD.

from Don Casale

You have this unique ability to take me to a great place, musically,
and put me in a wonderfully nostalgic mood.
Great songs! I love this album (can I still call it an "album"?)
Never stop writing!

from Pat Koenig Franzino

The rescue group that I adopted a four year old cat from in the spring (Zani's Furry Friends)
had the video posted on their page.
I am an advocate of older pet adoption and
we also just lost our 19 yr old and 17 yr old cats this past spring (still have a 14 yr old),
so that song was particularly poignant.
I downloaded it from itunes! It's a really heartwarming song and video.
I also posted it to my page and sent it to some friends who also have older pets.

from Edgar Bullington

It's wonderful. The production is bright and clean. You are in good voice.
And as always I like your melodies...your melodic sense tickles mine.

from Ben Ohmart

I'm listening to your Cat cd right Now. Very good job. "I Hope I'm Getting Close" is touching.
I hope you do many more cds.

from Lesley Miller

Brian--your songs are so good, touching, thoughtful, evocative, sweet & sensitive..

from Mary Owen (daughter of Donna Reed & Tony Owen)

The title song is great---really upbeat and sweet.
I LOVE the California Dream--that really hit me...really nice song.
My Father's good...really made me cry!

from Perry Botkin Jr.

Good stuff, Brian. I particularly like both "Cat" songs and what I call "The Brill Building Song".
Hope you sell a million.

from James Jez Graham

Loving the new cd. Great job!

from Debora Kennedy

I am so is one of the most poignant, diverse & textural sound experiences.
It moves so well from mood to mood--what great music!

from Rick Russo & Bronwyn Rucker

gorgeous, very touching and wonderful...we feel this album is amongst your finest work ever.

from Eddie Finley

I received the CD today.. and it's got such a great feel to it.. I just had to put it on the iPod.
Great songs, thanks so much... it's an instant favorite.

from Jeanne Cathcart

Love the collection of tunes on your new CD
My favorites are "If I Ever End up with Quinn" and "I Hope I'm Getting Close"
two total hits to me, beautiful Brian, thanks!

from Jeannie Myers

I like Face To Face a lot and of course, My Father's Cat. Brought tears to my eyes even without the video!
Congratulations on another well done CD.
You have a way of writing words that I can relate to from past relationships and experiences.
What I like about your writing is that it zeroes in on the human experience, our encounters.
While all love type songs do this, yours are more genuine, less embellished, just real,
from the heart and gut and different because of that.
Continued success to you!

from Diane Medonich

...truly an impressive songwriter. As a decades-long fan, I have enjoyed all of his music, but this one has risen to the top of my list.
This wonderful, eclectic collection showcases his beautifully crafted melodies and insightful lyrics in addition to his versatility.
Brian's story songs are my favorite, Letter to Norma, The California Dream and My Father's Cat (Kleenex required on the last one.)

from Lori Burton

I absolutely love it... of course I have my favorites already.....
I May Be Wrong..... I Hope I'm Getting Close.....Face to Face
Am I So Easy to Replace.... She Squeezes Me In
I'm elated!........Not only do I love your songs, I love your humor! are hilarious
and don't know it!...that's why you're hysterically funny!

from Tom Bahler

Excellent! Your songs are one act favorite kind...
I like your use of voices too (of course) Your songs are very accesible and 'hooky'... congratulations!

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