Photos (2004-7)

In Virginia with Lassie star Jon Provost on my left and Darlene Tompkins on the far right June 2005

In Virginia with Susan Gordon who died 12/11/11 at the age of 62 (June 2005)

with Sonny Curtis October 2005

After getting hit with a pie from Soupy Sales l-r standing Mickey Freeman, Cynthia Pepper, Paul O'Keefe, BG & Soupy October 2005

Rod McBrien party with legendary arranger Jimmy Wisner on far left and Lou Christie in back of yours truly June 2006

with original Beatles drummer Pete Best & Margaret Whiting August 2006

with Stu Phillips & wife Dori October 2006

with with Dick Monda (Daddy Dewdrop), Zacherley & Don Ciccone at Friends of Old Time Radio October 2006

with Celeste Holm & TV legend Sonny Fox at Friends of Old Time Radio October 2006

with Jersey Boy John Lloyd Young October 2006

with Nellie McKay at her Halloween Record Release Party October 2006

with Ray Goodman & Brown December 2006

with Bill Dana & playing for the late Molly Bee (with songwriter Mitch Murray) at Friends of Old Time Radio October 2007

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