Photos 2009

Brian Gari Birthday Show
Don't Tell Mama NYC 2/18/09

photo by Susan Evans

at the piano and WHERE DID THE MUSIC GO with Rod McBrien, Paul Evans & Nick Shaffran (photos: Joe Bly)

Like a good neighbor...Lesley Miller is there!     The audience seemed pleased. (photos: Joe Bly)

Joe Franklin Show reunion

Here is a luncheon reunion with the great TV director Bob Diamond & the legendary Joe Franklin.
I did many an appearance on Joe's show under the creative direction of Mr. Diamond (2/25)

Memories of Eddie Cantor
John Jay College NYC 3/1/09

Brian & his mother Janet Cantor Gari...with Steve Ross (photos: Joe Bly)

Miscellaneous shots

with Clay Cole at the old Paramount in Brooklyn in March and Allison Arngrim from "Little House" in May
with Abe Vigoda who was not dead in June and songwriting greats Leiber & Stoller also in June

Brian Sings Wilson
Don't Tell Mama 6/20/09

California in August

Lunch with Jackie Cooper, the other Ray Charles & the great director Gene Reynolds 8/20
The M Bar in Hollywood with Ilene Graff, Bicycle Ride pianist Ben Lanzarone & my uncle Robert Clary 8/22
Jason Graae was fantastic & the deaf Ray Charles showed up as well as the great California Dream director Dave Edison
my mother with Eddie Cantor Fan Club prez Michelle Malik & Ilene Kristen flew in from NY!

Jason Graae's Metropolitan Room show in September

Reuniting with Jason & Liz Callaway

Paul Shaffer's book signing in October

With Paul Shaffer, Al Jardine of the Beach Boys & Martin Short (photos: Mary Sikorski)

Friends of Old Time Radio in October

With 60s singer Tracey Dey & TV legend Clay Cole, giving composer Billy Goldenberg his award

The British Are Coming...again!

With my 60s musical influences Chad & Jeremy in October

One Singular Sensation

With composer Marvin Hamlisch in November

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