Photos (1995-2002)

Once again when I was about 15 I wrote a fan letter to the man behind Ronny & the Daytonas--Bucky Wilkin. Things came full circle when in 1995 I became a Daytona for the day and performed with Bucky. I went on to write the liner notes for his Best of CD the following year. He's a wonderful friend and a very underrated talent.

with former child star Sybil Jason July 1999

Brian points out his grandfather's picture to Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara at Surprise Lake Camp, Summer 2001

with George Tipton, legendary arranger for Nilsson/March 2002

with Robert Clary on Skip E. Lowe TV Show (the inspiration for Jiminy Glick) March 2002

with actress Ilene Kristen (Ryan's Hope) March 2002

with Alan King starring as Samuel Goldwyn May 2002

with the legendary Nino Tempo May 2002

my friend of over 30 years Alan Colmes May 2002

with the immortal Soupy Sales October 2002

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