Photos 2003

In LA with Gisele Mackenzie who passed away just a few months later. Feb 2003

In LA with John Gummoe who wrote & sang RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Feb 2003

with former Ziegfeld girl Doris Eaton Travis at Hofstra University March 2003

In LA with Howard Morris & Ray Charles May 2003

In LA with Roger Atkins, lyricist of WORKIN ON A GROOVY THING May 2003

with Neil Sedaka at the mastering session of THE BROOKLYN DEMOS May 2003

with Randy Newman September 2003


with the legendary Betsy Palmer & DONNA REED SHOW star Paul Petersen October 2003


with Rupert Holmes & my childhood heartthrob MARGIE TV star Cynthia Pepper Oct 2003

with the legendary British hit songwriter Mitch Murray October 2003

Here I am with the two people that got me started--my mother had hired Frank Owens to play piano on my first demo in early 1967 (December 2003)

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