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Career Scrapbook (1965-1990)

Getting Little Richard's autograph on American Bandstand July 1964

Early work with my sister for the Upper West Side Democratic club (1965)

My first songwriter performance at my high school graduation with actor musician Paul O'Keefe (1969)

Variety reviewed my first solo performance at the Bitter End in Hollywood 2/25/71

The Joe Franklin Show promoting the new venue The Comic Strip (1976)

As musical director for Robin Kaiser [note: opening act--Alan Colmes!] (1977)

Cable television show appearances (1977)

The cue sheet for cable show "Manna From Heaven" starring Charlie Manna's daughter Meredith (1978)

The first performance of my song "Late Nite Comic" in a musical revue (1978)

Later in the year Kaye Ballard put the song into her act (1978)

At the Copa...Copacabana (1978)

News items from my comedy club days (1979-81)

The late Marc Malamed was an early believer in my work

Casting call in Backstage for a Malamed show [note the spelling of Randy Newman's name!]

This was a beautiful performance of "Late Nite Saga"

One of my strangest bookings was opening for Georgie Jessel in Washington DC. His only words were "your grandfather would have hated that beard." (1980)

Somewhere in the 80s I opened at The Bitter End for Morgana King who was pissed that a singer was opening for a singer. My father did this sketch on a napkin

Two more bookings at the tail end of my comedy club days in the 80s (note: I was never a comedian)

ASCAP's announcement that I was going to have a show on Broadway (1984)

Opening for my friends Jeff & Julie Olmsted (1985) and a benefit performance for women (1986)

Cue sheets when I headed up the band for Alan Colmes 'live' variety shows called Colmes In the Club (1986-87)

Newspaper publicity for my work on Joe Franklin's TV special (1989)

I made many appearances at the club of the legendary Jan Wallman (1989-90)

John Znidarsic began utilizing me for his shows at The Donnell Library

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