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Career Scrapbook (1991-2000)

All star benefit at Jan's where I performed "Some Things Don't Have To End" & a guest appearance for Linda Burns where I sang "The Coffee Shoppe"

KT Sullivan was performing my music & a visit to the Sheet Music Society

John Zindarsic's wonderful salute to my work & a performance with Tammy when Jan Wallman's became Judys

The only existing photo of my accompanying the late Nancy Lamott at the Dutch Treat Club in January 1992

Marc Malamed once again including my work in one of this shows

An ASCAP songwriters show in 1992

Being interviewed by Regis Philbin June 1992

A rare performance in LA with Jana Robbins & a 1994 Cantor presentation at ARSC

A guest spot for Marilyn O'Connell & my first appearance at The Friends of Old Time Radio

Marc Malamed giving me a bigger credit

Performing GTO as one of Ronny & the Daytonas at Glen Falls, NY in July 1995

Billboard's mention of my inclusion in a Japanese CD where I sang Brian Wilson's "My Buddy Seat"...a convention...a guest appearance with Stan Edwards

An interesting presentation at The Sheet Music Society prepared by Dr. Allen Silverstein utilizing my songs that refer to the AIDS epidemic

Festival for the arts that was more like a fiasco

My first appearance at The Jolson Society...a talk about my grandfather's days at Surprise Lake Camp

Chris Montez & I performing THE MORE I SEE YOU at the Gardenia in Los Angeles in October 1998

An article that appeared in the Friars newsletter in January 1999

Some appearances I did for Sandi Durrell & The Genesius Guild

Another disaster where I didn't know why I was there!

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