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Career Scrapbook (2001-present)

2001 started off with a Barnes & Noble book signing and a big printing error...then a signing in LA in March

The Jolson get together in May 2001

Jack Benny Convention in 2003 that turned out to be the last appearance by Gisele MacKenzie

Back to the Gardenia for a couple of appearances in 2003

A seminar in March 2003 at Hofstra University in honor of Ziegfeld

My tribute to Neil Sedaka (which he attended & performed with me!) & a celebration of the New Amsterdam Theatre (2003)

Getting a hug from Sedaka after my performance in June 2003

My annual birthday show & a rare brother & sister appearance at the Gardenia in LA (2004)

Jolson convention in November 2004...Cantor presentation February night to imitate Soupy Sales at the Friars March 2005

I was flown to Virginia in June 2005 for this charity event because I was neither a classic TV star nor an athlete

a letter to the NY Times in August & a Tower Records holiday event where I performed my Christmas songs (2005)

A January 2006 letter to the NY Times Magazine about the late comedian Gene annual birthday show February 2006

A Vitaphone visit in March as well as a follow up (2006)

A charity event called Comedy Cures in June 2006 (for which I wrote a theme song--that they never used for anything)

Back to the Jolson Convention in August and emceeing a Finch College Reunion at the Friars in October 2006

A busy February 2007 at Don't Tell Mama

Plugging the Cantor book in June at The Museum of the City of NY & playing guitar for Yvonne Roome June 2007

Two nice reviews from the English publication InTune written by Dan Singer

Liz Larsen forgot to show up at this 2008 Barnes & Noble event...Drama Book Shop in Christmas show at Don't Tell Mama in December

My annual birthday show in February 2009 & a Cantor lecture in March at John Jay College

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